Bring your business online in 3D!

After the success of the smartphone the next great paradigm shift is expected to be the use of virtual and mixed reality devices. v-Slam is the first browser that can help you to easily bring your business to this world. Like normal webpages, it supports interactive 3d pages, just by an extension of html. But unlike the 2d pages, you can actually be in your 3d webpage as a look-alike avatar and receive customers, talk with them, and show them specific products or versions of a product. And you can link to your normal (2d) website, so your 3D website doesn't have to be complete to be effective.

v-Slam is free, so go and have a try: visit the existing sites and examples. (A VR-headset is not required: the PC- and MAC version can be used.)

And all you need is to add some extra pages to your current website to support your business in 3d!

New: Hello World!

New: v-Slam open-sourced! We have open-sourced both the Unity project of the v-Slam 3d App, as well as de server code. The server code includes the ASP.Net controls that can be used for dynamic X3D generation. All projects can be found on GitHub.

      <Transform position='-1.6 0.7 0.3' scale='0.03 0.03 0.03'>
          <Text slm:href='giftshop/giftshop.x3d' slm:target='_Blank' string='"GiftShop Example"'></Text>
            <Material USE='MaterialGiftShop Example' diffuseColor='0.1 0.35 0.46'></Material>

In Windows, after downloading the msi file, you can double-click it to start the setup wizard and install the browser. For the Mac, download and unzip the Mac version of v-Slam. Then Ctrl-Click the application to thrust it.

Easy to Install

For PC, simply download the msi-file and double-click to install the v-Slam browser. On Mac, you have to unzip first, and Crtl-click to thrust the app. The version for VR and AR devices will be made available using the default app stores.

Web3D Consortium standard

X3D is an open specification, supported by Web3D Consortium. v-Slam uses a sub-selection of the X3D tags, and extends the specification with several tags to improve functionality and performance.

Create your own site

Download the documentation to start creating your own 3D site. When your site is accessible by a public url, you can share it by submitting the url to the v-Slam server.


v-Slam extends the small group of primitives supported by X3D (sphere, box, plane etc.), with an increasing library of more or less abstract shapes. This includes, for example, a tube and a torus, but also an office chair, a plant, etc.

Walk, meet and chat

Enable the avatar function to see others visiting the 3D scenes, and have others see you. Decide to meet at a virtual web scene and chat about the experience.

Stay Updated

New sites are visible at the top of the visible sites in the default view in v-Slam.

Simply Look At Me

Some examples of the sites that can be found.

Epona Office



Wally Wonnink

Persian shop example

Persian shop


New in v-Slam